Embracing Opportunities Together

Silvermines Community

Community opportunities for environmental improvement and protection related to the legacy mining issues, combined with leveraging the immense and ‘un-tapped’ heritage of Silvermines dating back over 800 years, form a central part of the development process and are actively being explored.

Silvermines Hydro offers an opportunity to become a catalyst for the continued remediation works in the Silvermines area.

Tipperary County Council view ‘…the proposal to develop a Grid-Scale Pumped Storage Plant on the site of the Macgobar Open-cast pit is something that is, and will be, strongly supported, it is innovative and, if brought to fruition, will satisfy the objectives in the County’s various strategic plans, and will also support the long-term sustainability of the mine rehabilitation works in the wider Silvermines area.  This will result in a major contribution to the health and well being of the population and will have the benefit of enabling the area to achieve its economic potential…

Records show that mining has taken place in the Silvermines area of Tipperary as far back as 1289 when merchants from Florence and Genoa discovered the rich mineral deposits in the area.  Mining activity formally ceased in the area in 1992.

The area and region enjoyed huge economic benefits from this mining activity.  However the mining legacy had a serious environmental impact on the area, including surface subsidence, large deep open pits, extensive waste dumps and tailings facilities and derelict old mine structures.

In 2005, the Government provided funding for the rehabilitation of the old mining sites.  In total, €10m was spent on six mining sites.  Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints at that time, the full remediation works were put on hold and remain uncompleted

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