Embracing Opportunities Together

Upcoming: Public Involvement for Silvermines Hydro

The public involvement phase for Silvermines Hydro is approaching, and it acknowledges the significance of community engagement. Community meetings, public consultations, town hall events, and feedback channels will be employed to foster dialogue and gather insights from local residents.

These events are designed to share project updates, address concerns and questions, and allow individuals to voice their thoughts on environmental and social aspects. The feedback received during this phase will play a crucial role in shaping the project’s approach.

To stay informed about meeting schedules and opportunities for involvement, individuals can follow updates from the project team. The aim is to collaboratively develop a responsible and sustainable project that respects the needs of the community. For further inquiries, individuals can reach out via our contact page.

Initiation of PCI permit grant process 

Silvermines Hydro is delighted to inform all stakeholders and members of the community that the permit granting process pre-application has been initiated. This exciting milestone comes in alignment with EU Regulation 2022/869, signifying commitments to meeting the highest standards of sustainable energy infrastructure development.

Active participation and valuable input from all interested parties is welcome. Insights and suggestions will play a crucial role in shaping an environmentally responsible and community-friendly project, and towards a greener and brighter future, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous energy landscape for generations to come.

Active Supporters Group

We are very interested to hear from you and are currently collecting names for our Active Supporters Group. If you support the project and would like to join the group please contact us at asg@silvermineshydro.ie. For any other query please visit our contact page.

Joining our Active Supporters Group is a simple and powerful way to express your support for the Project. We really appreciate any support, comments or ideas. We look forward to keeping the Silvermines Active Supporters Group up to date on all aspects of the Project.