Industrial Mining Past – Clean Sustainable Future

Silvermines Hydro is a 360MW hydroelectric power station in Silvermines, County Tipperary, Ireland that will transform a former mining site into one of Ireland’s leading green energy facilities.

Silvermines Hydro will store green renewable energy using two water reservoirs at different heights. When electricity demand is low at night, the excess and unwanted electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind power, can pump water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir. The water is held and stored until needed and then released to flow through a turbine to generate electricity during the daytime.

Pumped Hydro technology is known worldwide as a dependable and proven way to store energy and generate electricity. It has been used successfully in various countries, including Ireland, where the Turlough Hill facility, owned by ESB, demonstrated its reliability since its commissioning in the 1970s. 

Current Status
Silvermines Hydro is currently making steady progress through various stages of development. Obtaining development consent is the next step to move forward with the Project. Ongoing consultations are taking place with all key stakeholders to gather their valuable input into the development process.

The Project has received financial backing from the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to conduct essential studies necessary for advancing the Project’s design and consenting phase. These studies encompass geological surveys, environmental evaluations, engineering design, and active public participation. To support the implementation of Silvermines Hydro, the European Climate Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (CINEA) has awarded €4.3 million in CEF grant support.

The Project is entering in Phase 4 following An Bord Pleanála (ABP) Manual of Permit Granting Process Procedures to initiate the PCI permit-granting process.

Active Supporters Group

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